How to add Folders for Knowledgebase in UVdesk?

Published on: 04-12-17 02:52pm

The folder can be created as per the requirements of the department related to various issues. Under folders, multiple categories can be created and within categories, relevant articles are added.

Steps for creating Folders:

1. ´╗┐Click on the Knowledgebase menu which is present in the UVdesk Portal.

2. Now, the owner will see Create Folder button. 

3. Click on that button, and then a pop-up box will come in which the owner will enter Name, Description, upload Folder Image, and tick the Status checkbox to display the folder on the front-end. 

4. After entering the above details, the folder is ready and the customers can see that folder in the front-end also.

Unable to find an answer?

Looking for anything specific article which resides in general queries? Just browse the various relevant folders and categories and then you will find the desired article.

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