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Published on: 10-24-16 01:16pm


Form filling process forced me to recall the incident when the manager of the restaurant handed me the feedback form which has all sort of questions related to food quality, service, ambiance etc. Looking a pile of questions made me reluctant to fill it and I left in midway without completing it. So, this incident made me inquisitive of the fact that if that form was simple and precise, will I be able to finish it? Yeah!! It's obvious, I do it.

So same goes for any of the businesses to have a form whether it may be a sign-up form or any other form to keep them short and easy otherwise who cares how much you have put in creating it.

Interactive form builder for data collection:

To gather the information of the users, their preferences, and feedbacks, no doubt form is the best option to get all the above things done. Most of the times, the users finds boring to fill out the form. The reason will be quite obvious that it may be quite long or it's complex which an average user fails to understand. So what firms can do so that customers don't find it monotonous or complicated to fill?

In that scenario, UVdesk has launched the form builder feature so that you can customize the forms (sign up, contact, feedback) as per your desire. The creative and beautiful forms can be built by using it.

How does it work?

  • This app merges default labels and custom labels and develops a new form which a user can manage with ease.

  • You have to enter the name of your form first. Then you can add number of labels in the form. You will immediately see the preview of the created form. A ticket will be automatically created on UVdesk by the time any user make an entry in the form.

You don't feel pain in creating forms as this plugin takes only a few minutes to build them and prevent us from coding.

"Yes, you heard it right no programming knowledge is required in creating forms". All you have to do is just copy and paste the snippet code to embed the form on your site.

Create forms for the events and active campaigns

Very fast and swift steps to create an ultimate form.

You can yourself built forms for your firm for various events and festivities going around and successfully manage them.



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