Shopify Order Fetch App Integration

Published on: 10-14-21 11:10am

Aanchal Chaudhary

Published on - 10-14-21 11:10am

Shopify Order Fetch App Integration with Shopify Webstore will allow Merchants to Fetch all the Order related details on Support Ticket to escape from fake queries.

Just a few steps and then you are ready to fetch the order related details from your Shopify Store to Ticket System.

It helps the support staff or the agents to distinguish between the genuine and fraud customers and hence they can devote their time to the customers who really need their assistance on the ticket system.

Let me explain the complete process in the detail below steps-

  • Login to your UVdesk Support Panel.
  • On the Dashboard, you will see "APP CENTRE" menu and under it, you will find "Shopify".
  • You will see four tabs- Overview, Documentation, Screenshots & Configure (after app installation).
  • In the "Overview" section, you will see Install button.

  • Click on that button and Shopify App will get installed.
  • Alternately, for uninstalling the app, go to "Shopify "Overview" section then click on Uninstall button.


  • Now go to the "Configure" tab and click on "New Channel" to add new Shopify Channel in the UVdesk.
  • For adding the channel enter Name, Store Name, API Key & API Password

Follow the steps provided on the UVdesk Portal for generating the configuration details.

  • Login to your store's Admin Panel.
  • Once logged in successfully, go to Apps and click on View private apps.

  • In your Private Apps, click on Generate API credentials.

  • Fill out the necessary details as required.

  • Under Permissions, provide Read Access to Orders, transactions and fulfillments.

  • Click on Save and you'll be provided with API Key and Password.

  • After the successful configuration, you will see a success message on the UVdesk.

  • Now, on the ticket system, the support staff can enter the Order ID and select the platform or the Marketplace and then click on Fetch Order.

In the case of any doubt, please email us at You may also check other eCommerce Stores set-up with Uvdesk here.


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