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Published on: 23-12-21 05:58pm

Himani Gupta

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The UVdesk API correlates with the Representational State Transfer category (REST) that allows to perform several actions like reading, editing, deleting, adding data of the help desk system. The resources like tickets, agents, customers can be controlled using API. It also supports CORS ie. Cross-Origin Resource Sharing.

The API makes use of all five REST commands i.e GET, POST, UPDATE, PATCH, DELETE. These commands have specific functions as explained below:

POST- This lets you create any resource like creating a ticket for your support request.

GET- This lets you retrieve (read) an item or list of items for example list of tickets.

PUT- This lets you modify the existing resource such as changing the assigned agent of the ticket.

PATCH- This command is basically for making small changes in the resources like the ticket which is bookmarked then removing the bookmark from that one.

DELETE- This lets you to permanently remove the resource such as deleting the existing user of the help desk.

The process of Authentication:

You need to authenticate first if you want to perform some changes like changing the priority of the ticket or modifying the entry of the customers that implies you need to validate your ID or sign in in the same way as you do while UVdesk login. Access Token is used for Authentication in API.

curl - X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer YourAccessToken "http://companydomain.uvdesk.com/en/api/tickets.json"


For example- GET /api/tickets.json?access_token=yourtoken

Standards followed by UVdesk:

UVdesk follows OAuth 2.0 to authenticate requests between your app and users. With OAuth, users can give you access to their UVdesk data without giving up their passwords. Here's how it works:

Ways to use API:

Create and Manage Access Token from UVdesk-

  • Manually create access tokens from UVdesk (available for admin, agents).
  • You'll make requests using your access token.

Create and Manage Access Token from Your App-

  • Generate client credentials for the app from the edit profile page (available for admin).
  • Use client credentials to create and manage Access tokens from your app.

Note- Let us know that it's actually you making the request. Since these give you access to your tickets and these are tokens are equivalent to username/password in many ways, don't share it publicly.

What is my Access Privilege?

It totally depends upon the role which has been assigned to you. For instance, if your designation is "agent" and you don't have the privilege to edit the ticket but can view them then your APIs will restrict to editing the ticket and you'll only be able to view them. 

I have an Access Token. What's next?

You can use Access Token to access various API Resources as given in API doc

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