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Published on: 10-14-21 11:14am

Aanchal Chaudhary

Published on - 10-14-21 11:14am

Introducing UVdesk Shopify Helpdesk App to integrate it with your Shopify Store for letting your customers visit your website and Create Ticket for any query to get instant response from support staff. 

Now, Merchant can have complete helpdesk system for their Shopify Store. A systematic Ticket Management System with all the needed features like Ticket Mangement, Binaka, Form Builder, Assets Visibility, etc to manage the customer support process in an easy way from the Shopify Admin Panel.

Features Of UVdesk eCommerce Helpdesk:

  • A very well managed and categorized helpdesk system for both Merchant and buyers.

  • Merchant and buyers can communicate directly.

  • Registered customers/buyers will be able to create Ticket.

  • Buyers can raise ticket related to any concern and admin can reply to those tickets.

  • Customers/buyers will be having their own Ticket Panel once they're registered to your Store.

  • Merchant will be able to manage all their customers enquires from both places Shopify Store Back Office and UVdesk Ticket View List.

  • Both admin and the buyer can view the history of tickets.

  • Both admin and buyers/customer get notified of the new query and new reply respectively. 

  • Merchant can embed Binaka to show FAQ on Shopify Website.

  • Merchant can create secure Form to use anywhere.

  • Merchant can set Admin Assets Visibility and Customer Assets Visibility as per the need.

  • Merchant and buyers can send attachments with Ticket Thread.

  • All the conversation done between buyer and merchant will be recorded in an organized way.

  • Merchant can fetch order related details if integrated Shopify Order Fetch App.

  • Merchant and the assigned agent will be able to get the customer's all recent ticket history.

Already Have UVdesk Helpdesk Account or Want To Have Multistore Helpdesk Refer Below Mentioned Steps:

If you already have a helpdesk account that you would like to use across multiple stores, using this app, store owners can pre-configure their Shopify UVdesk connector prior to installing the application on Store so that it connects with your helpdesk account during installation instead of creating a new helpdesk account.

If you already have a helpdesk account and you want to Integrate UVdesk eCommerce Helpdesk with your for your Multiple Shopify Store then follow below-mentioned steps and repeat the process for each store:

  • Login to your UVdesk dashboard

  • Click on Apps > Shopify Helpdesk

  • Click on Install > Configure > Add Store


  • Now, Login to your Shopify Store's Admin Panel.

  • Once logged in successfully, go to Apps and click on Manage private apps.

  • On your Private Apps page, click on Create a new private app to create a new app.

  • Fill out the necessary details as required.

  • Under Admin API section, provide Read Access to Orders, transactions and fulfillments.

  • Click on Save and under Admin API section you'll be provided with API Key and Password which will be required to connect with your store.

Refer below-mentioned image for the next step

  • Now, Click on Edit and then click on Install UVdesk Shopify Extension > Continue 

  • Click on Install App.

    • After clicking on UVdesk eCommerce Helpdesk installed it will show UVdesk eCommerce Helpdesk / Dashboard.

    • On Dashboard, you'll get Proceed with payment on Shopify, View Tickets, Configuration and on the top right corner Pages.

    1. Proceed with payment on Shopify

    Option to manage all the helpdesk payment process from the Shopify Admin Panel.

    2. View Tickets

    You'll get all the Tickets in this section from where you can manage it fully.


    For opening the Ticket Click on #Ticket ID.

    How to Fetch Order related details on the ticket?

    Here is the user guide for Shopify Order Fetch

    3. Configuration

    Binaka Setting, Contact Form Settings, Customer Asset Visibility, Admin Asset Visibility, Create Ticket on Customer Panel

    Binaka Setting

    Binaka is a lightweight floating app using which you can link FAQ written on your helpdesk with your website to let your customer help themselves, and to reduce query count.

    Contact Form Settings 

    In this section, the merchant will get the embed code of all the Forms which are created on UVdesk Admin Panel to paste the code wherever they require.

    Customer Asset Visibility

    Assets Visibility is the options which appear on Ticket List panel of your customer, for better understanding refer the image attached below:

    Admin Asset Visibility

    Admin Assets Visibility is the options which appear on Admin Ticket ListView to get a primary information about the ticket, please check below-attached image for the better understanding:

    Create Ticket on Customer Panel

    Merchant can activate/deactivate create ticket option for the customers or buyers on website-front to raise query without login, check below-mentioned image for the same

    4. Pages

    In this section, you'll get 4 options - Dashboard, Configuration, Ticket List, Create Ticket

    • Ticket List = View Tickets
    • Create Ticket is the section from where you can create the Ticket on behalf of your customer.

    How enable customer login icon?

    Login to your Shopify Store's Admin Panel.

    Go to the Settings > Checkouts > Accounts are Required > Save

    How to show tickets on your customer panel?

    Login to your Shopify Stores Admin Panel.

    Click On, Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Code > Snippets > 

    {/}site-nav.liquid > In the last after {% endfor %}  > Enter this code {% include 'ticket-link' %} > Press Ctrl+S

    Steps For Customers To Manage Their Panel:

    • By clicking on the highlighted icon your customer will get 3 option: Login (if the customer is already registered), Forgot your password (if customer has an account but forgot the password), Create account (If customer isn't having account with your store).

    • Your customer can choose the option based on his need.

    • After login, your customer will get Ticket List and  Create Ticket option.

    Ticket List

    Your customer will be able to manage all his raised Ticket from this panel.

    Create Ticket

    Your customer can create New Ticket from this panel.

    Important Information:

    After Installation, Your account will be automatically created on UVdesk.

    You'll receive two emails one for your registration on UVdesk, another for setting up your UVdesk password.


If you have any query or doubt please email us at or connect us on UVdesk Support.

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