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Published on: 31-12-21 01:43pm

Sushil k Saini

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"Agent" is used to describe a support staff who handles support tickets. It means the agent will respond to the customers, will close the tickets, change ticket details, moving tickets from one group/team to another and much more.

Benefits of Agent Insights:

  • It becomes easy for the owner to know which agent is taking less time in resolving the problems of the customer and performing all their duties with adherence.
  • This parameter helps the owner in finding out who is the star performer. 
  • The owner can also check the work report of any particular agent by setting the From and To date.

Checking work performance:

When we select "Agent Insights" section under the "Reports" then you will see the page with the graph, Top Agents, and list of all agents. 

  • In the graph, you can select options like "Ticket Resolved" and see its graph against date.

Ticket Resolved

  • In the "Top Agents", you will see a list of top 5 agents with their Fastest First Reply, Fastest Resolution & Ticket Resolved.

Top Agents

  • In the Filter View, one can filter the report on the basis of an agent, customer, group, priority, Source, type and based on the selection of filtering a graph is displayed.
  • On opting the Agent from the filtering option, the admin can check the performance of any individual agent. 
  • You will also see a list of all agents with their Fastest First Reply, Fastest Resolution, Ticket ResolvedCustomer Helped, Ticket Count.

List of agents

First Response Time: How fast the agent can reply to the customer query can be seen in the "First Response Time".

Resolve Time: How much time does the agent take in resolving the issue of the customers can be checked in the Resolve Time.

Customer Helped: The number of customers which the agent have helped and gets their issue fixed can be checked from the Customer Helped.

Ticket Count: The total number of tickets which the agent have handled can be checked from the Ticket Count.

In the case of any doubt or query, please email us at support@uvdesk.com and we will surely come up with the best solution possible.


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