UVdesk - How to add Groups?

Published on: 22-12-21 10:48am

Aanchal Chaudhary

Published on - 22-12-21 10:48am

What are Groups?

Groups signify the classification of the agents/staff so that the incoming support requests are passed on to the technician's expertise.

Advantages of Groups:

  • By configuring groups, multiple support agents can be managed by classifying them into individual groups.
  • The owner can organize agents into groups so that he can keep an eye on the activities related to various departments without wasting much time in searching for agents work progress on a particular task.

Quick steps for adding groups:

  • Login to the UVdesk Support Portal.
  • On the Dashboard, you will see "USERS" menu and under it, you will find "Groups". 



  • Click on the "Groups" Icon and then you will see list of existing groups ( if any ) and "New Group" button.

New Group

  • Click on "New Group" and a new page will open. Enter Name, Description, Users, Teams, and tick on "Status" for Enabling that group.

Add Group

  • Click on "Save Changes" to save information and create the Group.

Save Changes

Points to Ponder:

  • You can sort the groups on the basis of "Name" and "Created By".
  • You can also filter the groups by Status- All, Active, Disabled.
  • You can also search the group by typing the keyword.

 In the case of any doubt or concern, please email us at support@uvdesk.com and we will surely come up with the best solution possible.

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