How a customer can change email.

Published on: 06-01-22 12:25pm

Aanchal Chaudhary

Published on - 06-01-22 12:25pm

Let's have a look at few steps -

Step 1 - First of all Sign In to Customer Panel.

Step 2 - Enter the email address which you have used while creating the ticket and enter your password and hit the login button.

aStep 3 - When you entered the ticket panel just click on More Options icon. 

You can refer this screenshot -

Step 4 - Then, You need to click on Profile option.

You can refer this screenshot -


Step 5 - Now, You can change the email address and Click on "Save Changes" to save information.

Profile > Change the email > Save changes

Step 6 - Again click on the login button and click on recover password.

Step 7 - Enter the new email for password recovery link.

You can refer this screenshot -

Step 8 - Now, Open your email account to recover the password using the link.

Step 9 - Finally you can change the password and again login with new email and password.

In the case of any doubt or concern, you can email us at and we will surely come up with a solution.



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