How can i integrate free Helpdesk system UVdesk with Wordpress?

Published on: 05-01-22 01:40pm

Aanchal Chaudhary

Published on - 05-01-22 01:40pm

By the help of UVdesk - Wordpress Free Helpdesk Ticket System your registered user can create a support ticket from the front-end and the admin and its assigned agents can manage all the tickets either from the Wordpress back-end or from the UVdesk Dashboard. All the information about the tickets is synced between Wordpress store and UVdesk Dashboard. The tickets are categorized using various labels and statuses.

For the integration, the admin needs to have the UVdesk Credential by registering in the UVdesk and then you have to get "API Access Tokens". For this module to work, the admin has to enter the domain name with which they have registered in the UVdesk, Access Token and enable the module.

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