How can I setup a Marketplace Helpdesk System?

Published on: 07-03-17 01:55pm

Rajat Singh

Published on - 07-03-17 01:55pm

A marketplace is an arena of commercial selling where the buyer can become a seller and can sell their products. It is a great platform where you can generate more revenue by selling multiple products and improving your business identity. Now, in the Marketplace, the users may have different issues, some will have product functionality issues, some would ask for a replacement, other wants to do customization for adding the feature which is presently not there and much more. For that, you need a help desk system that manages the queries of the clients and helps to create a knowledge base for your support portal in order to meet the needs of the users. 

In UVdesk Helpdesk System,  the queries of your customers would get converted into the tickets and the support staff can check and revert on the tickets with a proper solution. You can create solution articles related to the issues faced by the clients while handling the product, prepare FAQ’s for the convenience of the customers in accordance with their language preferences. In this way, you can provide supreme support to your Marketplace customers. 

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