How customers can access their helpdesk portal?

Published on: 25-01-23 12:55pm

Aanchal Chaudhary

Published on - 25-01-23 12:55pm

The profiles of the customers get registered in the UVdesk automatically when a customer sends support e-mails to the support for the very first time. The owner can add or edit any existing customer by simply clicking on the Customers section.

The customer will have a separate login facility to check the ticket history and create a new ticket.

Below mentioned are the steps, from where customers can able to access their helpdesk portal:

The first customer needs to visit the knowledgebase as shown in the below-attached snapshot:


After that customer just needs to tap on the sign-in option as shown in the right corner of the knowledgebase.

After that a new window arrives, from where the customer can able to sign in as shown in below-attached snapshot:

Now, the customer is successfully logged in to the account, as you can see in the three dots in the right corner, from here you can able check your previous tickets and also can able to create new tickets, and can also able to enter your profile section.

You can also able to check the complete ticket list, as shown in below-attached snapshot:

Also, you can able to create new tickets from the account, you just need to tap over the new ticket create option accordingly a new form will come up from where you can raise your query and a new ticket will be created accordingly, as shown below:

Likewise, a customer can able to access the helpdesk portal and can manage the tickets as well.

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