UVdesk - Installation & Configuration of Form Builder

Published on: 03-01-22 03:13pm

Sushil k Saini

Published on - 03-01-22 03:13pm

Form Builder App allows the user to merge the default labels and custom label together and create a new form as per your requirement.

The user can embed the code easily into the HTML codes of their website and then this app will work seamlessly.

The user can manage the forms easily. When any user will enter data in the form then the ticket will be created on the UVdesk automatically. This is the specialty of Form Builder App.

Installation of Form Builder App:

  • Login to your UVdesk Support Panel.
  • On the Dashboard, you will see "APP CENTRE" menu and under it, you will find "Form Builder".
  • You will see four tabs- Overview, Screenshots, Documentation & Configure (after app installation).
  • In the "Overview" section, you will see Install button. Click on that button and Form Builder App will get installed.


  • Alternately, for uninstalling the app, go to Form Builder "Overview" section then click on Uninstall button.



  • In the Configure tab, click on New Form button.

Add Form

  • Enter the Form Name, select the Editable Fields which you what to add on your Form and click on Save Form button.


  • The two Mandatory Fields will be selected by default- EMail & Reply fields.
  • After saving, you can update the form, preview the form.


  • You will also see the embed codes of the form in JS Version, Iframe version & Public URL of the custom form.

JS Version, Iframe version & Public URL

Now, you have to copy the codes and paste into the HTML of your website wherever you want to display this custom form. Each time this form will be submitted, a ticket will be created in the UVdesk Ticket System.

In the case of any doubt or query, please contact us at support@uvdesk.com.



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