UVdesk - Purpose of assigning task on the tickets

Published on: 12-23-21 04:45pm

Himani Gupta

Published on - 12-23-21 04:45pm

"Tasks" are a great means to make the overall work quite intuitive for the support staff because there might be a situation where a lot of technicalities involved in the ticket and this technical section is allotted to the technical expertise/group

In accordance with the threads (thread wise) tasks can be added to the tickets.


Let's say if a request from the customer regarding themes and customization comes up, he wants to make his site more attractive and enrich his site with the images adding uniqueness, using CSS to give the complete layout to the site.

Then in that case from the software developing team to the graphic designing team tasks will be assigned as per the skills required.

You can follow this link to learn how to add the task to any particular ticket.




















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