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Published on: 31-12-21 01:44pm

Neha Sharma

Published on - 31-12-21 01:44pm

In the "Ticket Insights", the owner can see a graph displaying the Customer Over Tickets and a Filter View in which one can filter reports for better insights according to the agent, customer, group, priority, type, team & Source. 

Customer over tickets

  • You can also check the report by selecting the from and to date and check the progress for that particular week.

From and to date

  • One can also see total counts in New Tickets, Replied Per Ticket, Tickets Per Agent, Tickets Unanswered, Tickets Resolved.

Total Counts

  • On the right side, one can also see the Average Ticket Measures block which will display Avg. Reply time in seconds, Avg. Resolution time is seconds and Avg. First Reply time. 
  • In Fastest Ticket Records block, one can see Fastest Reply in seconds, Fastest Resolution in seconds and Fastest First Reply in seconds.

Fastest Ticket Records

  • In the lower section of Ticket Insights, one can see Ticket Channels Pie Chart which depicts the source of the tickets. 
  • In the Ticket Priorities, one can see the priorities of the tickets in the bar graph.
  • In the Ticket Status, one can see the status of the tickets in the graph view.

Ticket Channels, Status

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