UVdesk - Understanding Activity Segment

Published on: 14-10-21 11:24am

Sushil k Saini

Published on - 14-10-21 11:24am

After you login into UVdesk Portal then you will see Segmented Controls- one segment is called Manage and another segment is called as Activity.

Activity and Manage

Activity Segment is an area of the help desk agent/owner interface that displays summary information and vital statistics for the user. 

A quick summary of the basics:

Ticket Status- A status whether it may be opened, pending, answered, closed or spammed is represented along with their counts in totality at the top for a quick help.

When an agent or owner click on any of the statuses, he will be directed to the ticket list page of that particular chosen status.

Ticket Status

Kudos Overview- Agent or owner can easily check their ratings given by the customers on the grounds of resolving power and providing a satisfactory solution to their issues.

Kudos Overview

It is an essential part of the UVdesk and it has to look optimistic because negative feedback obviously throws a bad impact on the support portal.

Kudos Count- Agent or owner can see in number that how many Customers are Extremely Happy, Happy, Neutral, Sad & Very Sad.

Kudos Count

Recent Activity-  In this part, it will display the recent activities done by you on the UVdesk Portal like if you have the permission of ticket assignment then you will see ticket assignment activity which you have assigned to some other agent.

Recent Activity

 In the case of any doubt, please email us at support@uvdesk.com and we will surely come up with the best solution possible.


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