UVdesk - How to configure Yandex Mail with Mailbox?

Published on: 27-09-22 08:49am

Uvdesk Support

Published on - 27-09-22 08:49am

In the blog, we will explain how you can integrate Uvdesk Mailbox with your Yandex Mail and generate separate tickets on the UVdesk when any user sends emails at your Yandex Mail Id.

Steps to setup mailbox in Yandex Mail:

  • Login to your UVdesk Support Panel.
  • Click on the "Mailbox" Icon and then you will be redirected to a new page.
  • Hit the "New Mailbox" button and then a pop-up will come up.
  • Enter Mailbox Name & Mailbox Address and then hit on Proceed button.

New Mailbox

  • After that, another pop-up box will come where you have to copy the secret email provided which you will use for email forwarding.


  • Now login into your Yandex Mail Account.
  • Now, go to Settings > All Settings > Message Filters and check the box for "Forward to".

  • Now click on the Create Filter button.

  • Now you can add here created email address in the Forward to option from the Uvdesk dashboard after that click on create filter button for create a filter: 


  • After the create filter, you can see the like this,


  • On the UVdesk Ticket System, you will get a mail of "Address confirmation for forwarding messages" from Yandex click on this ticket message:


  • Click on the confirm link for the confirmation of the Yandex account on the Uvdesk helpdesk:

  • After clicking on confirm, you can see the confirmation mail like this:



  • After all steps, you can see on our helpdesk that the Mailbox is verified like this now you can use this mailbox for mail tickets:


  • So, in this way, you can integrate the Yandex Mail with your UVdesk and create tickets instantly when a new query is sent to domain_name@yandex.com


In the case of any doubt in the mailbox set-up, you can email us at support@uvdesk.com


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